Product Selection

We advise you to choose the right product in relation to the culture, needs and preferences of the country you wish to be active in.

Creating an Effective and Separate Brand Name

Name and packaging are very important for promoting your product. The combination of quality product and attractive packaging leaves no room for the consumer to discard your product.

Not only we can send you the product you wish with our Brand Name, we can also give you the opportunity, in cooperation with our specialized consultants, to provide you with a unique identity for your product that will make it stand out in the market by creating for you an exclusive packaging with your Brand Name.

Ideas and tips for promoting and increasing sales

Taking into account the high competition, our company can always provide you with practical ideas and tips on how to promote and increase your customer base and sales in cooperation with specialized business development consultants.

Securing licenses

There is no reason to be stressed or anxious

We can ensure you from Cyprus any relevant license or certificate is required for your company in relation to your product.

Organizing the export process

We undertake the process of shipping the goods to the desired country. In cooperation with various companies we have already contacted, we can provide you with a complete package that will cover all your needs and requirements.